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Student mobility to La Rochelle University - France

Apr 23, 2023
To: May 20, 2023
La Rochelle - France

About this event

Dalia Falah will perform quality tests on the Phase Change Materials (PCM). PCMs are substances that can absorb, store, and release heat energy upon phase changes based on their melting temperatures. The use of PCM-enhanced materials in building envelopes, including hospitals, will directly relate to a decrease in the heating and cooling loads of the buildings, hence reducing energy demands and enhancing indoor thermal comfort. Her training will focus on quality tests such as thermal conductivity/resistance, sound, and aging tests. As a result, it will be a great opportunity for Dalia to boost her knowledge in materials and energy efficiency.


Dr. Ameur Hamami from La Rochelle University - France.

Dr. Talal Salem from the Notre Dame University - Louaize - Lebanon.