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Student Training in the University of Lleida - Spain

Oct 1, 2023
10/01/2023 09:00 AM Asia/Beirut Student Training in the University of Lleida - Spain Malek Tahech from the University of Balamand is the winning candidate for the training at the University of Lleida - Spain.

About this event

The increase in pollution in the wastewater streams generated from many sectors called for optimizing the adapted wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) techniques comprising the primary, secondary, and tertiary treatments. However, it is usually forgotten that these processes have direct environmental effects and impacts. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a valuable decision-support tool to analyze the potential environmental impacts of products or services during their entire life cycle, from production and distribution until their use and end-of-life phases or services. This training will allow the candidate to learn and perform models on Simapro and/or Gabi software. Field visits to wastewater treatment plants will be conducted to visualize and obtain real-time data.


Prof. Rita Puig from UdL

Dr. Rima Manneh from UOB and Dr. Makram El Bachawati from UOB