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Prof. Mihai Workshops

Prof. Mihai Nicolescu from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, conducted two interactive workshops during his journey in Lebanon within the framework of the SWaTH Project. Prof. Nicolescu is the co-founder and partner in Plasmatrix Materials AB and MAQ AB, deputy chair of the Swedish Mechanical Association – Production Committee, faculty opponent to 9 Ph.D. dissertations, and evaluator for 5 Professor and 4 Assistant professor positions.

The workshop entitled “Wastewater Processing,” targeting National wastewater plant manufacturers, NGOs, and National hospitals, was held at the University of Balamand on October 27, 2022. After the technical presentation of the advanced wastewater treatment technics, a fruitful discussion occurred between the participants and Prof. Nicolescu. Mr. Berbari from EMCO Engineering mentioned that only one tubular treatment system is installed in Lebanon due to its high capital cost. When Mr. Tayoun from the municipality of Zgharta/Ehden raised the concern about the electricity problem in Lebanon, Mr. Hatem from Lebrelief endorsed him and added that the problem is not only this but in the technical support of the local authorities. Dr. El Bachawati said, “What I am hearing now is like music to my year since one of the objectives of the SWaTH project is to transfer the knowledge acquired from the European partners, so training the hospital maintenance members and the local authorities is a key point.” During this workshop, the participation of Nini Hospital, represented by Mr. Fares, and SWaTH members was a remarkable addition.

The second workshop was about system dynamics, targeted engineering students, and was organized on October 26, 2022, at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK). Students from the Lebanese University and the University of Balamand joined the USEK students to assist in this workshop. During the workshop, Prof. Nicolescu highlighted the linkage between technology, water, food, and energy.

After both workshops, all the participants, faculty members, and students received certificates of attendance.