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Water and Wastewater Networks

Notre Dame’s University SWaTH team hosted an informational event on the 6th of February 2024 that offered a detailed look into the inner workings of water and wastewater systems. This session provided a deep dive into these systems’ planning, design, operation, and management, highlighting their essential role in environmental protection, sustainable development, and public health.

Participants explored diverse water sources like groundwater, surface water, and recycled water. They also traced the wastewater journey, from collection to treatment to the safe return to the environment.

The session also clarified the network’s components: pipes, pumps, valves, storage tanks, and treatment facilities and emphasized the importance of monitoring equipment in ensuring water quality. This discussion also tackled pollution prevention, regulatory compliance, and environmental sustainability in water management.

In addition to all the information, the session fostered engagement through expert insights, discussions, and a call to action, inspiring everyone to be part of conserving this precious resource.