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Mass Spectrometer

Deadline: 2022-01-21


- System should be ready to be added to the already existing 7890 Agilent Gas Chromatography
- System should be able to be operated via Already Existing Gas Chromatography Software
- Quantity: 1


- Revolutionary High-Efficiency Source (HES) offers the industry’s lowest Instrument Detection Limit (IDL) and best S/N
- Up to 10x increase in MS signal brings the future into today’s single quadrupole laboratory
- Leverage increased MS sensitivity to reduce sample size and lower operating costs for transportation, storage, preparation, and waste disposal
- Industry-leading robustness and reliability ensure years of successful lab productivity
- The power and flexibility of both MassHunter Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis and Classic MSD ChemStation
- Enhanced communication between the GC and MSD for more efficient and safer operation
- Eco-friendly features save time and money

Technical Specifications

- EI source Four supported sources: Stainless Steel, Inert, Extractor, or High-Efficiency Source (HES)
- Ion source temperature 150–350 °C
- Quadrupole temperature 106–200 °C
- Mass filter Heated monolithic hyperbolic quadrupole
- Mass range: 1.6–1,050 u
- Scan speed 5977B Inert Plus (Extractor Source) and 5977B HES up to 20,000 5977B (SS Source) up to 12,500 u/sec
- Mass accuracy: 1-μL injection of a 100 pg/μL OFN1 standard scanning from 50-300 u will give its monoisotope at m/z 271.987 ± 0.005
- Spectral accuracy: 1-μL injection of a 100 pg/μL OFN standard scanning from 50–300 u will give 99.0% spectral accuracy
- Mass axis stability: Better than 0.10 u/48 hours
- Detector: Triple-Axis Detector with high energy dynode and long life electron multiplier

Instrument Detection Limit (IDL)

- The industry’s most rigorous performance metric
- Based on eight replicate injections and their statistical analysis of precision (%RSD)
- Measured at an analytical amount near the detection limit
- Accurate assessment of the true detection limit and LLOQ
- Instrument Detection Limit (IDL): 24fg


MSD for 7890 GC (quantity: 1)
Big Universal Trap, 1/8 inch fttgs, helium (quantity: 1)
NIST MS Library Bundle (quantity: 1)
Wiley MS Library (quantity: 1)
Pesticide Library (quantity: 1)
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Library (quantity: 1)
Forensic Toxicology Library (quantity: 1)
VOC Library (quantity: 1)