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Capillary Electrophoresis

Deadline: 2022-01-21


Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) offers fast separations with exceptional efficiency and resolution for analytical challenges that often can only be met with difficulty by LC.
Used in standalone mode, as the separations component of a CE/MS, or as a complementary, orthogonal technology to LC, the CE system brings unprecedented HPLC-like sensitivity to a wide range of analytical challenges.
CE offers the advantage that several separation modes can be run on a single instrument. This makes CE a very versatile technique for a broad range of applications and separation challenges.
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- Replenishment system allows high throughput and unattended operation
- Easy maintenance and automated instrument diagnostics
- Plug & play connectivity to MS systems, the system should be ready to be connected to a Mass Spectrometer in the future
- Easy method setup data analysis
- Regulatory compliance tools
- Comprehensive offering of accessories and consumables
- Partner solutions for LIF and electrochemical detection


- Best in class analytical performance
- Broadest selection of detectors in the industry
- Increased uptime
- Flexible separation modes including capillary electrochromatography
- CE-MS support from the leading vendor with the longest CE-MS experience
- Broad application coverage
- Complete solution for charged sample analysis

Pressure system

- Programmable with –100 to +100 mbar on the inlet
- Flushing with 1 bar or with high pressure 2–12 bar
- Vial pressurization with high pressure 2–12 bar on the inlet and/or outlet

Injection modes

- Self-correcting injection system with injection from inlet or outlet
- Programmable range: up to 10,000 seconds
- Pressure: –100 to +100 mbar Electrokinetic: –30 to +30 kV


Autosampler/ fraction collector

- 50-position carousel
- All vials are randomly accessible from the inlet or outlet end of the capillary
- Temperature control with external water bath with vial temperature from 10–40 °C.


- Real-time UV-Visible diode-array detector (190–600 nm),
- Temperature controlled
- Wavelength resolution: 1 nm
- Response time: 0.025 to 10 s
- Light source: prealigned deuterium or high brightness
- Lamp Signals: up to eight signals simultaneously
- Full spectral acquisition with ChemStation
- Sensitivity: 1 µM 4-hydroxy-aceto-phenon injected at 50 mbar • 5 sec, 3 x 50 µm bubble cell capillary, signal/noise >6* (20 mM borate buffer pH 9.3, 25 kV)
- Baseline noise: <50 µAU
- Linear dynamic range: 1x104

Raw data channels

- Detector signals and spectrum, voltage, current, leak current, power, cassette temperature, pressure, lamp voltage, and detector temperature

Diagnostic functions

- RFID tag for the lamp, early maintenance feedback, supported by Lab Advisor software with integrated diagnosis test suite

Safety features

- Current leak detection: low current limit Liquid leak sensor Safety sensors at the door and cover disabling high voltage Vial sensor

System Comes Complete of:

The CE instrument (includes CEC functionality), cassette, accessory kit, includes components of former start-up kit, installation qualification kit, and High Sensitivity Cell kit
OpenLAB CDS Inst.Driver for CE (Quantity: 1).
OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Ed. Workstation (Quantity: 1).
Cation solutions Kit for CE (Quantity: 1).
Inorganic anion kit for CE (Quantity: 1).