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Microwave Digestion

Deadline: 2022-01-21


- DIRC temperature Control and OPC Optical Pressure Sensor
- All stainless steel case and corrosion-resistant PFA coating, pressure stable round furnace for homogeneous microwave distribution.
- Massive security lid 'SwingTop' with electronic lid closure and 3 micro-switches safety interlocks to prevent microwave emissions with open lid.
- Overheating protection of electronics by 5 temperature switches
- Latest microwave inverter technology, temperature-controlled microwave generators with overheating protection against reflected microwave radiation, power 2,000 Watt, continuous power delivered at any power in 1% increments.
- Built-in exhaust system for permanent cavity ventilation with the guided airstream. Active, dynamic control of fans.
- Optical Reaction Control with patented non-contact DIRC temperature measurement (precision ± 1°C at 200°C) for direct measurement of sample temperatures inside all vessels, non-contact OTC optical temperature cut-off temperature sensor 0-300°C of all vessels and non-contact OPC optical pressure control (precision ± 5 bar) in all vessels.
-Quantity: 1

Separate control unit

- built-in DC2007 (800MHz, 256 MB RAM) and 7" VGA color touch-screen (8000x400 pixel, 18-bit color resolution), installed simple, self-explaining control software Speedwave AC Auto Control incl. pre-installed sample methods.
- Graphic display of all, individual sample temperatures and pressures in real-time.
- Internal memory for data records and for the full documentation.
- Software languages: English, French, and Spanish
- RS-232, 2x Ethernet, and USB connection. Remote control via LAN and mobile devices is possible.
-Quantity: 1

Turntable with DAP-100X Pressure Vessels:

- 12 pieces DAP-100 (100ml, 40 bar (25 bar at T>200°C) , max. 400mg organic matter)
- Made of TFM with lid and rupture disc,
- Turntable with a collection vessel to prevent emissions into the microwave cavity and room air.
- 12 pieces caps without pressure control made of TFM.
- 1 piece cap for optical pressure control in one vessel
-Quantity: 1

Consumables for approx. 500 digestions.
-Quantity: 1