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Undergraduate Training Position – Valorization and Treatment of Wastes by Novel Techniques

Status: Closed

General Information


Valorization and Treatment of Wastes by Novel Techniques.

Sending Institution

University of Balamand (UOB) in Lebanon

Host Institution

University of Oulu (UOulu) in Finland


Dr. Satu Ojala from UOulu

Dr. Wael Hamd from UOB.

Start Date

January 9, 2023

Application Deadline

November 17, 2022


Sludge Gas, Photocatalysis, Anaerobic Digestion

Profile & Skills Required

Senior year / Chemical Engineering

Promoting Research Work

All relevant results will be published in international journals and presented at national and international conferences. In addition, if these materials perform well, the patentability of any new results will be considered before any public disclosure.

Training Details


Training will be part of an ongoing doctoral thesis. The work may contain preparation and characterization of materials for application in bioenergy and valorization of wastes by different techniques (anaerobic digestion, photocatalysis, etc.)


  • Scientific research, several methods used and reporting of the results.


  • Gadipelly CR, Pirilä M, Shafqat K., Valtanen A., Rathod VK., Marathe KV, Keiski R, Huuhtanen M, Yadav GD. (2020) TiO2 catalyzed photo-catalytic mineralization of amoxicillin from aqueous solution: Potential application of Hombikat N10. Catalysis in Green Chemistry and Engineering, 3(2): 153-162.
  • Filip Kokalj, Beno Arbiter, Niko Samec, (2017) Sewage sludge gasification as an alternative energy storage model, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 149, Pages 738-747.
  • Shu-Yuan Pan, Cheng-Yen Tsai, Chen-Wuing Liu, Sheng-Wei Wang, Hyunook Kim, Chihhao Fan, (2021) Anaerobic co-digestion of agricultural wastes toward circular bioeconomy, iScience, Volume 24, Issue 7.

Modality of the application

1. Create a student account. Click here.
2. Download the guide for applicants, application Form N°1, and application Form N°2.
3. Prepare, sign, and submit your full application online no later than November 17, 2022.

Candidates are invited to download the SWaTH Mobile App and Log In to check the updated status of their application.

Any omission or non-compliance with the instructions requested will result in the Applicant's ineligibility. Any application that does not comply with the instructions will be rejected.