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Graduate Training Position – Experimental study of novel geopolymeric material incorporating hospital glass waste

Status: Closed

General Information


Experimental study of novel geopolymeric material incorporating hospital glass waste.

Sending Institution

University of Balamand (UOB) in Lebanon

Host Institution

University of La Rochelle (ULR) in France


Dr. Ameur Hamami from ULR

Dr. Marianne Saba from UOB

Start Date

January 9, 2023

Application Deadline

November 17, 2022


Geopolymers, Hospital Glass Waste

Profile & Skills Required

A student that has a background in materials and has the knowledge to produce, assess and characterize the mortars produced (chemical, mechanical and microstructural).

Promoting Research Work

All relevant results will be published in international journals and presented at national and international conferences. In addition, if these materials perform well, the patentability of any new results will be considered before any public disclosure.

Training Details


The training is needed to characterize the geopolymer mortars incorporating hospital glass waste.


This thesis will focus on the production of geopolymer mortar produced with glass hospital waste to provide a new approach towards sustainability in which industrial waste products will be used to replace OPC as a binder completely. An overview of the geopolymer concrete mortar will be done to replace metakaolin partially with hospital glass at different substitution rates. This work will focus on the mechanical (compressive strength); chemical and microstructural characterization of the hardened mortars.


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Modality of the application

1. Create a student account. Click here.
2. Download the guide for applicants, application Form N°1, and application Form N°2.
3. Prepare, sign, and submit your full application online no later than November 17, 2022.

Candidates are invited to download the SWaTH Mobile App and Log In to check the updated status of their application.

Any omission or non-compliance with the instructions requested will result in the Applicant's ineligibility. Any application that does not comply with the instructions will be rejected.