Quality Control/Plan

Start date
Jan 15 2021
End date
Jan 14 2024



This work package is at the heart of the project where the quality assurance and evaluation of the project will be carried out throughout its lifespan. WP3 aims to elaborate fundamental texts (e.g. e-forms, policies, procedures, framework, templates, etc.), design self-assessment reports, and analyze and develop corrective actions if necessary. In addition, the project board that will meet periodically will review the performance of the management and generate a special report that will include key performance indicators, targets, and relative recommendations. This work package is led by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the University of Balamand in Lebanon.


Task 3.1

Development of common fundamental texts, templates, and e-forms.

Task 3.2

Development of management performance reviews.

Task 3.3

Development of SWaTH project self-evaluation report.

Task 3.4

Development of Factual findings.