Dissemination & Exploitation

Start date
Jan 15 2021
End date
Jan 14 2024



This work package aims to publicize the project by increasing the visibility of ongoing and upcoming activities and outcomes through the website, and social media platforms from the beginning of the project and even after the end of the project. In addition to the website, the University of Balamand will host the mobile app, dedicated to the project with special access and permissions granted to the partners to manage initial, draft, and final documents. WP4 also helps to maximize the impact of activities on target groups. Furthermore, it is designed to boost the sustainability of the project as well as to advertise and promote successful experiences and best practices. This work package is led by the University of La Rochelle in France, the Lebanese University in Lebanon, and the University of Balamand in Lebanon.


Task 4.1

Launching and maintaining the SWaTH project website.

Task 4.2

Launching and maintaining the SWaTH project Mobile app.

Task 4.3

Registry for students, faculty members, hospitals, and clinics outside the consortium.

Task 4.4

Annual Forums in wastewater treatment.

Task 4.5

Calendar for the upcoming events in 2025 – 2026.

Task 4.6

Summer schools on wastewater treatment.